• Perpetual Labs

    Bringing unparalleled efficiency to Engineering Design and Manufacturing

  • Our Approach

    Machine Learning Driven Simulation Engine

    Bringing together Object Oriented Modelling and Machine Learning for end-to-end system simulation

    Cloud-Native Design Environment

    Secure, scalable and highly available Software as a Service

    True Interoperability

    Integrates with your existing ecosystem of specialist design and simulation toolset

  • Team

    Here's our first troop of adventurers!

    Gianmaria Bullegas

    Co-founder, CEO

    Gianmaria is an Aerospace Engineer with a Ph.D. from Imperial College London and over 7 years of R&D experience in Aerospace and Defence across the US and the UK.


    His Ph.D. research was recognized with awards from SampeUK, the IoM and CompTest2017. As a visiting researcher at San Diego State University (SDSU), he collaborated in projects related to the F22 and Global Hawk development programmes.


    As the CTO of Synbiosys, he successfully led three R&D projects in collaboration with the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA).



    Anurag Kapur

    Co-founder, CTO

    Software Engineer with over 13 years of experience developing and scaling technology driven products and platforms at organisations such as Boston Consulting Group, Financial Times, News UK and Sapient. More recently, he served as CTO of an ed-tech startup, Zzish.

    Anurag has vast experience in building secure, scalable and resilient software solutions as well as growing and mentoring high performing software engineering teams.


    Anurag holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering from University of Oxford and is a keen rower.

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